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Full head foils

At our salon we make the baleyage by a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. This incredibly fashionable hair effect can be used in even the shortest cut however for the best results we recommend the hair length to be below the shoulders. The process varies depending on the length of the hair and the desired result in which individual strands are coloured with a brush and a backing board.

Half head foils

Half head foils are applied only to the top of the head. Colour intensity and application density depend on the desired look.

Half or full head all over colour

Choose the desired colour and look from a wide range of colours available at our salon.

Colour refreshment

No need to spend hours for getting new hair colour! Colour refreshment is a fast way solution for hair that are in good condition but need revitalisation. At our salon we only use the ebst quality products that highly nourish your hair, making it smooth and silky.

Wavy perm cut and  blow dry

Curly hair is feminine, cute and take years off the look. At our salon a permanent wave to the hair, and perm rods will be sized according to your desired style.  If there are concerns over the condition of the hair, or previous colourings, a strand test will be performed beforehand.

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Brazilian Keratin

Brazilian blow dry is the innovative long-term hair straightening technique. In comparison with its previous equivalent this technique doesn’t damage the hair, but on the contrary – it even improves it! This miracle method not only smoothes and straightens the hair, but with its special formula, rich with replenishing Nano keratin particles penetrate deep into every hair cuticle to condition, lock in colour and leave you with hair that feels healthy, soft and shiny for you up to 14 weeks!

Wedding buns

Wedding is the most important day in life for most women. Do not miss the chance to look amazingly gorgeous that very special day! Consult your wedding look with our hair styling professionals and try out the best option for you!

KITOKO treatment

Kitoko Oil Treatment will not only revive tired hair, but will help neutralise free-radicals and protect the hair from environmental and chemical damage. Kitoko Oil Treatment is an indulgent blend of Karite and Argon oil, richer in antioxidants, Omega oils, and Vitamins A and E than any other oil. This sensory oil treatment is perfectly balanced to the hair and scalp, resulting in incredible absorption and rapid penetration whilst not adding weight to the hair. Essential fatty acids nourish the hair from within ti stimulate incredible condition, elasticity and shine.


Lowlights are essentially partial colouring techniques, adding a different shade to certain strands of hair so your barnet ends up having depth, texture and various complementary hues. Lowlights involve darkening strands of hair by using colours that are darker than your natural colour. Unlike a full hair colour you can choose to have afull-head or half-head coverage.

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Women’s Cut

Short, long, medium length, wavy, curly or straight – the choices are numerous, you name it! Get the best look according to your desired image! If you are not sure about the style you want, consult it with our hairdressers. For sure we’ll help you find the right look for you!

Hair Styling

Hair styling is equally important as hair cut as it gives your hair proper shape and desired look. At our salon we use only the best quality professional products from specialized brands, such asBed Head, Kear Straight, Kitoko and Indigo. To see full description of products we use, please go to Products. 


This treatment focuses on taking out the colour, making the hair look brighter even at even a few tone scales! At our salon we only use professional and certified products, so we can ensure that the treatment is 100% safe and not damaging to your hair. For this special treatment we use Affinage Eraser is a revolution in colour removal systems, saving you time, saving your image, and most importantly saving your hair. A simple, effective, and safe colour removal system, Affinage Eraser specifically targets individual artificial hair colour molecules, breaking them down and removing them from the hair shaft. Unlike other colour removal systems the low pH level of Affinage Eraser conditions your hair, leaving it in better condition than when you started, and ready for a fresh application of colour immediately.

Sometimes hair condition does allow applying decolouring system so we advise a short consultation before the treatment.